A GUI Software Project In Python [Challenge~To~Self]


As part of my Software Engg. project,my entire class was subdivided into groups of 4 people and asked to develop a fully functional,semi-professional software complete with documentation and all that jazz. Many of my peers opted for a rather monotonous,”C++ programming language” approach and went down the well trodden path of churning out mediocre,non-GUI(or Visual Basic simple GUI) based software. But the adventurer in me would never let me do that. And as Robert Frost said in his excellent poetry composition,

The Road Not Taken

I took the one less traveled by,

So I’ve decided to up the ante by coding in Python(fairly proficient in it) and using a GUI development kit[TKinter or pyQT] as my weapon of choice. Easier said than done! The main challenges I currently face are:


  • Choosing a software development model which will fit my requirement just about right{if you’re thinking its too much for a college project,think again,as the IEEE SRS(Software Requirement Specification) explicitly requires details about the model choice tha you make}.
  • Assessing the viability of the multitude of project specific ideas that I’ve come to pen down with my group-mates.
  • Finally,going ahead and *attempting* to code this monstrosity,not to mention the technical aspects to master while using the GUI framework,yikes!

Ah! Dilemma! But what’s life without sleep-less nights and the all encompassing emotion of being screwed?  No fun becoming a Computer sc. Engineer without having engineered a penny’s worth of decent work,now isn’t it?

I’ve got a lot of work at my hands,but pain’s the name of the game.So I’ve started my pilgrimage by knocking on the doors of pyQT and initiated the learning endeavour right away.

I’ll keep posting more interesting challenges as they come up(more like a journey log) and probably point out all the things that go right for anyone with the remotest interest in undertaking such perilous voyage.