How Microsoft Impacted My Life.


Microsoft..The one company that evokes such a multitude of emotions that you’ll be surprised how the world would be without it. The dream of all the Great Indian nerds,Microsoft represents more than just a corporation,it represents an era. The blood,sweat and drool that is profusely showered by all the bachelors of technology to get hitched to this company is indicative of a legacy that is seldom observed,that too in a domain ever subjected to forces of constant change and innovation. From being a staple in the lives of countless people,to being the harbinger of happiness,fun and amazement,now THATS what this corporation truly is.




Well,my affair with Microsoft began a long time ago. As a child,I use to sneak up-to my aunt’s computer,just to spend countless hours playing Minesweeper or trying my best to get the cards in order while playing Solitaire.

All the things we did to keep that smiley smiling :)

All the things we did to keep that smiley smiling 🙂

Then moving on from the retro look of Windows 98,the little boy ushered into the classy,genre-defining look of windows XP only to fall even more deeply in love with with Windows.I fondly played the Space Cadet pinball or doodled away on MS-Paint,a passion which I had come to hone right from the Win-98 days.



I would spend hours on MS-DOS prompt,trying to remember and recollect the ‘chdir’ or the ‘copy’ command,and trying to make sense of all the messages that the prompt so lovingly,like a mother scolding her child,would display on the screen whenever I erred.

The one logo that sticks in mind forever.

The one logo that sticks in mind forever.

Then when I grew up to be a teen,MS Office,specifically PowerPoint and Word,turned into my second home. With the zeal to prove and to complete the task at hand,I toiled and endeavored to make slick,eye catching presentations or that essay/story that the teacher had been asking for a while.

word excel poerpoint

If you didn’t recognise from the very first look of the logos itself,I don’t know what you did with your summer vacations!

After that point,there was no turning back. I was happily married to all things Windows and Microsoft,from making web pages and running them on Internet Explorer,to getting the first taste of internet,or playing around with files and folders,making the quick brown fox jump over the lazy dog and the ever mode uplifting startup sound.


Now,I won’t be lying if I were to say that I find the words ‘computer’ or ‘laptop’ synonymous with ‘Microsoft’ or ‘Windows’. Skype,Hotmail,Xbox or even my Lumia 520 Windows phone are a constant reminder of what Microsoft has come to represent: A way of life.



For all the benefits that Microsoft has bestowed upon me,I find this as a great opportunity to show my gratitude and return the favour as well. By becoming an MSA,I’ll take up the task to promote Windows phone usage among college students,who sadly,are often mislead and unaware of the amazing functionality that can be achieved by switching to Windows smartphones.

The right way forward

The right way forward

Skydrive,Hotmail synchronisation and the Xbox control through the smart phone itself are some of the coolest features which come to my mind,but alas,remain unknown to my peers.  I intend to achieve the above by organising Windows phone enthusiast meets,where exchange of ideas,thoughts and demonstration of the sophisticated yet awesome features can be made. This stands to be of value to society as well,as access of information in a coherent and engaging manner is what ultimately gives rise to creativity.

Other means of contribution,as an MSA are:

1. Promotion of Hotmail and allied services over social media platforms,to tell users of the seamless and effortless synchronisation of Mail and contacts thus enhancing productivity and device-independent usage.

2. To generate enthusiasm for Microsoft application development,organise college level competitions.

3. Organising ‘I love Microsoft!’ events in college,wherein fun,fast paced debates and extempor style battles will take place,with an attractive prize up for grabs.

Hence,I conclude my blog post by hoping for the best and expecting more innovation and creativity to well-up from this beloved and trusted corporation.