In Remembrance of my GrandMother..

This post has been long overdue. I intended to release it on September 16,on my grandmother’s birthday,but owing to my exams the same week, I couldn’t complete it. But I decided to publish it at least before September ended.

Grandma~Shri Kusum Saxena


My reminiscences of my days spent with dadi always seem to bring a smile upon my face. I find myself unable to fully express the longing I’ve always had to relive those days again,for at this moment I’m overwhelmed. The memories rush to me,never failing to brighten me up,never an unpleasant day that I recollect. Always it’s been love,that she showered upon her children,selflessly,affectionately and above all,always with a smile and a laughter that would instantly melt your heart.

My Grandmother’s name is Shrimati Kusum Saxena.  She was born on 16 September,1933 to a proud father B.D.Verma. She got married to Shri A.G.Saksena in 1953. By education,she was a matriculate graduate.



The picture above of my Dadi with my Dadaji, might give you the impression of her being a solemn person. But on the contrary,she was the most lively person you would have ever had the privilege to meet. She would smile for the smallest of joys to the most memorable ones. She would smile for strangers,for the flowers in April,for the cat strolling in the front-yard or for the mailman at the doorstep, just to make you feel warm and beloved. She cracked silly jokes,like me and my sister did,would laugh with us and hug us like we were the most prized of her possessions. She would scold us too,when we acted stubborn,but would never leave us with a frown for more than a few moments.

There was ever more to her than just that. She was courageous,the kind made of true grit and steel. No matter how trying the situation or how unforgiving the circumstances,she would brave them all. She stood up for what she believed in,always. As an instance,she was a staunch supporter of Congress Party,for she truly admired Indira Gandhi.

But the most venerable trait of hers was the selflessness that you would rarely come across in a human being. The kind which would move even the most stone-hearted among us. Her love and devotion to her family knew no bounds. She would take me out for strolls even when it was late in the evening. She would cook the best of meals,at a moments notice when some guest would turn up at our house late at night.In moments of grief,sickness or suffering,she was there for her family,without fail,and with no complaints. Me and my brother used to play in her lap for hours,quarreled with each other as to who would get the opportunity to be carried in her arms,and ultimately turn up happy when both got an extra chocolate at the store. If there exists such an ideal as living for others,then she sure exemplified it to the greatest degree.

Me with Dadi.

Me with Dadi.



2 thoughts on “In Remembrance of my GrandMother..

  1. Depicted very truly and lively. Its not because his grandmother is my mother, it is because hundreds of our relatives, friends, even neighbors believed and felt similarly. Very well expressed !

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